Who says you can't buy a home in this crazy market?

Sometimes buying a home in this ever expanding Toronto market where demand is much greater than supply seems like a daunting task.  ESPECIALLY when there are 19 other offers to compete with!

Imagine the emotional rollercoaster you have as a buyer.  You do your due diligence within the few days that the rare property comes to market that actually meets your criteria.  Maybe you pay for a home inspection.  This is where you envision yourself in the next stage of your life for the foreseeable future.  It's where you may decide to raise your family, or downsize, or hell maybe you're trying to escape the previous situation you were in and want to start fresh.  Or maybe this is the perfect home that you want to start your first investment in.  You dream about it for many sleepless nights.  It speaks your name while you are on your lunch break.  It has checked off most of the checkboxes in your criteria list (or maybe you settle for it meeting 60% of it?).

Stay with me.  So then you have to make sure that your finances are in order, clear your schedule for the evening as you have to sit at a nearby coffee shop (or the freezing cold in your car) for the next 3 hours.  You've emptied out your bank account savings to get the certified funds to bring to the offer night.  Only to find out that you are competing in a bidding war of twenty offers.  TWENTY OFFERS!!

What a mad house.  Twenty REALTORS waiting for the results of their client's offers.

What a mad house.  Twenty REALTORS waiting for the results of their client's offers.

Well guess what...

Experience wins every time!

We pulled out every trick in the book to win this property.  Not that any of those tricks were lies.  Far from it.  We just know what sellers want to hear in order to win.  So no shame, that's what happened.

Hugs from her mom too!

Hugs from her mom too!

At the end of the day, the impact that we made for this newlywed family is why we do what we do.  Just look at how happy they are.  Congrats to our happy clients, and their mother, on an emotional first freehold home purchase! #biddingwar #sellersmarket but still #winning.

Now hurry up and make babies!


How can this not make you love what you do?

Thank you for your guiding,We will remenber the day 8日2月2017!
— Purchaser's mother